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The Hair Affair!

We usually spend half of the morning straightening our hair and an sudden change in weather can make it either frizzy or unmanageable. In that case, have you ever wondered what can you do?Today, our blog is about not the boring knots , but it’s about how can you manage your hair within minutes.Are you ready for a quick fix?I advice you to stick around here for three fabulous, three-step hairstyles to save you on a pitter-patter day.  Hairstyle 1: New-age Cinderalla We all know, rolled-up buns are trending and we all know effortless they are! It’s a less than a minute hack to roll your tresses in a fairy-like bun.Step 1:Begin by giving your hair some character (read soft,...

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Clip-in Hair Extensions: A Blessing in Disguise

At some point, we all have watched a hair care advert with envy, wishing that we had gorgeous long, thick locks to flaunt all day long, just like the models do. In Real Life - It takes our hair forever to grow, and usually all of us can’t ever grow hair like that, no matter how hard we try, be it using products, or taking up any hair treatments, or homemade remedies. That is why, Today, we are very excited to share that hair extensions can be an attractive option for you. Hair extension can literally transform your look within a short span of your time. But, do we really know which type of hair extensions will suit us and...

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Myths about Hair extensions: DEBUNKED!!

We all have craved for that extra length, thickness and versatility of long & luscious hair just like our Bollywood stars.Did you know: Hair extensions is the answer that you are actually looking for!    Today, let’s talk about some myths about hair extensions.Myth 1: HAIR EXTENSIONS DAMAGE YOUR NATURAL HAIR We all have heard rumors that, hair extensions cause damage to your natural hair, leading to breakage and in turn thinning your hair.Perhaps, what you should know is that there are different types of hair extensions available in the market, and picking the right kind of hair extensions that suit your hair type is very important.Tip: Always consult a professional hairstylist before making a purchase. Our Recommendation: Clip-in hair...

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Which Hair Extensions are Right for You?

We know every girl is obsessed with the idea of long hair and the easy way of having them with Diva Divine Hair Extensions. It's easy, comfortable, and most importantly, fun! And we are also sure, that there's very little way to know about how you should find the right hair extensions for yourself since there is such little knowledge about it! So here we are, with a guide to the Diva Divine Hair Extensions world, helping you find the best Hair Extensions for yourself!

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Diva Divine Hair Extensions & Wigs Now In Bangalore!

When a brand that started with a view of making hair extensions available on a larger scale in a country like India grows at an unmatchable pace, we say bring it on! Diva Divine Hair Extensions, a brand loved by the ladies for their day-to-day and festive hairdos is spreading out to more lovely ladies, now in Namma-Bengaluru!

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