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Permanent Hair Extensions in Delhi

There are very few professionally certified permanent hair extensions brands in India. You need to research and be knowledgeable about what permanent hair extensions are available, their pros and cons and how long they last. It is important to also understand which permanent hair extensions, use heat, rings or simply tape and how each responds to your hear type. Below we have outlined the three most popular professional permanent extension options to help you better understand what might be best for you. Enjoy and comment below if you need any questions answered!

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We all want to look perfect every day with our makeup and hair on point. Looking at all the gorgeous hairstyles on the internet, from braids to curls, every girl is attracted towards them and loves to try them out every day. Having said that, we also know about the lazy mornings we all have once in a while, or even if not lazy, some day or the other when we're getting late. To bring out the beautiful hairstyles is not possible on those days but we also don't want to look bad. For all such lazy days, Diva Divine is here with four cool and easy hairstyles that will take zero effort and minimum time, but will also not...

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How to blend Hair Extensions in thin hair

Hair extensions are meant to provide volume and length to your hair in case you have thin or short hair. When it comes to hairstyles, hair extensions provide you the little extra that you always need. But sometimes we find it difficult to blend hair extensions in thin hair seamlessly. Diva Divine is here to help you out to blend hair extensions seamlessly and easily in your thin hair to enjoy the best experience of our premium hair extensions :

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Why Won't My Hair Grow - Hair growth problems

Have you ever gotten your hair dyed, only for your roots to start showing a few weeks later, yet your hair doesn't seem to look any longer? What about going without a haircut for months, but your hair is still stuck at shoulder length? We understand how frustrating it can be if you're trying to grow your hair, but it just won't grow! "Why doesn't my hair grow past a certain point," you may be asking? We're here to tell you why and what you can do to stimulate hair growth for Rapunzel-worthy hair.

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5 Clip-In Hair Extensions to transform your look in minutes!

Don't we all just love experimenting with our looks everyday to keep our style fresh and new? Of course we do and well that's how it should be. Nobody prefers the boring and same looks everyday. When it comes to our hair, we are the most hesitant about experimenting because believe it or not, we are quite scared to go through any changes because it's going to be permanent. But with a lifesaver called Hair Extensions by Diva Divine, you don't have to go through a permanent transformation in your hair! Your hair experiments and new styles are just minutes away with premium quality hair extensions - including hair colours and the length of your hair! Can't believe it right?...

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