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Winter hairstyles guide with Diva Divine Hair Extensions

The winter season is here and we are all looking forward to being cozy, in our beds and also in our everyday looks. With the warm coats and sweaters, to avoid the cold even more, every girl chooses to leave her hair open! Yup, this fact is no more a secret! But wait, what about those with short hair? Why should they miss out on the fun of covering your ears without a cap? We are here with some cool ideas to style your hair open this winter season! Check them out!!

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How to blend Hair Extensions in thin hair

Hair extensions are meant to provide volume and length to your hair in case you have thin or short hair. But sometimes we find it difficult to blend hair extensions in thin hair seamlessly.

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Hair Extension Care: How to Properly Care for Hair Extensions

Whether you're new to hair extensions, or have used hair extensions in the past, it's always a good idea to refresh your memory on how to deal with and take care of your set. After all, the better care your hair extensions receive, the longer they will last you. And hey, don't we all want hair on fleek for as long as possible? In this week's blog post, we'll walk you through all of our hair extensions care, tips and tricks to ensure your set lives a long and happy life. Our expertise is in clip in hair extensions, however, generally, should be applicable to most types of high quality human remy hair.  With regular care and attention, you can ensure...

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How to choose the right color of hair extensions?

Diva Divine Hair Extensions & Wigs are offers 30 beautiful shades ranging from Jet Black to Platinum Blonde, and custom colors like Ombre extensions. Our extensions are made with a multi-tonal adapt coloring system, which means that there are subtle highlights and lowlights, lighter strands and darker strands throughout each set. This gives the shades movement, dimension, and depth.

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